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Michael A. Chance mchance at crl.com
Thu Jul 13 04:21:55 PDT 1995

> >     h.   An attempt to use languages other than 20th century
> >          English.
> Is this actually soemthing we want to try to encourage? If it is done well
> it can be rather nice, but not one person in 10 can do it weel, and when it
> is done poorly it really sucks.

Not only that, but a goodly portion of folks can't tell when an
non-American language _is_ done well.  There was a young lad from
Scotland at Pennsic some years ago (from Glasgow - his heavily
accented English doesn't sound like the typical movie-style Highlander
Scots accented English).  He was told to stop trying to sound like a
Scot, 'cause he wasn't any good at it.

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