Event Ideals (fighting)

Pug pug at arlut.utexas.edu
Wed Jul 12 14:23:22 PDT 1995

> Mistress Mara is right. Go to Lyonesse.

As only an audience member, I would have to agree. Lyonesse is an event
I look forward to every year now. I for one enjoy the site since it is
far away from any stray people. (Although a little expensive.)

Although I have to admit that they need to do a better job of keeping
cars out of the encampment and I missed the period encampment this year.
I truly enjoy being able to walk into/through a period encampment and
oogle the things I can't wait to have.

[ story of last Lyonesse ]

I saw several fights where someone would "give" away their hits. I even
believe I saw his Excellency Kein lightly tap his opponent twice before
the match truly got underway.

The way the fighting occurs at Lyonnesse really keeps the audience
engroused in the activity. There is also a wonderful A&S display and
partying well into the night. (I just love people getting drunk and
talking about the differences between their workers owning land versus
just working it.)


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