Black Star (Pet Peeve)

R. Michael Litchfield litch at
Thu Jul 20 17:21:16 PDT 1995

>if you have a problem with
>the Black Star, please send the message directly to Theodric and give him
>a >chance to correct the problem.  I don't think it's quite fair to him to
>>lambaste him here on the net in front of everyone.

I hardly consider the discussion here to be "lambasting" (have none of you
people ever been on the net at large?, it is a much less friendly world out
there than some of you seem to expect). What I have seen is calm discussion
of some of the problems concerning the blackstar. Problems cannot be
corrected until they are identified, public discussion cannot in anyway
hinder identifying a problem or determining a solution, on the contrary
they can only help. How is one to know if a problem you have percieved is
an isolated incident or symptom of a larger problem? How many times have
you thought something was just you until someone else mentioned it in a
public forum? I suppose if you are a lazy martinent you could just shove it
off on whoever the sucker of the month is that's in charge but that doesn't
do a whole lot towards fixing it. If nothing else discussing the problem
publicly allows people to become more aware of the issues involved in the

People here are so damn afraid of allowing any public dissentsion to be
expressed, they want everyone to wander around with a glazed stepford wives
smile chanting "Everything is wonderful." Any possible hint of conflict or
disagreement or (Heavens Forbid!) disparagement must be swept under the rug
in an instent lest someone tweak to the fact that eveything is not
wonderful in happy valley.



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