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>Our Barony has wondered what the Regional Officers really do.

       It is a sort of filter for the Kingdom Officer.  With over 40 groups
in the kingdom the Kingdom Officer  does not have the time needed to read
everyone's report, newsletter, answer questions which they may have sent, get
to know the local officer on a better level, and still have time for their
money-paying jobs and family.

     I can give you my duties as Southern Regional Chronicler  as that is the
Regional office I am familiar with.
     a.) Read the 8 newletters from this region and make sure they are
following the                  guidelines for newsletters. (Calendar,
disclaimer, no copyright infringements,           nothing too rude or
slanderish, etc...)
      b.) Check each financial statement to make sure they are in order.
      c.) Answer any questions which may have been asked and if I can't
answer it then
           I go up the ladder to Kingdom.
       d.) File a quarterly report on each group to Kingdom.
       e.) Make appointments to the local offices based off of the letters of
intent and            letters of recommendation.
        f.) Dismiss chroniclers if need be for failure to do the duties of
their office.  This                  usually takes 3 months of no reporting
or continued tardiness of newsletters.
        g.) Check on membership status of local chroniclers.
        h.) Alert the kingdom officer of serious problems which a group may
be                         encountering.  
For the most part these are the duties I have.  Other Regionals may have
more/less to do, it just depends on the office.  I spend about 10-15 hours a
month in this office.  Now that may not seem like much but I am only 1
Regional of 5 who does this.  In the chroniclers case, this would save the
kingdom officer  around 50+ hours a month just in dealing with local groups.
 This does not include the time that they spend on their duties. (BlackStar
production, labeling sessions and other things.)

As far as the autocratting thing goes you must realize that Tempio is a
"relatively" young group.  Only a few of us have been in for more than 5
years and as such it was decided that experience in autocratting was what was
needed for an event the size of Coronation.  Also, when something this size
falls in your lap at the last moment it wouldn't make alot of sense to have
an inexperienced person heading the whole operation.

As far as Blackstar mailings go, yes they usually go out in two batches.  The
first class get sent in one lump sum, and all the others go out together.
 Usually this means that the first class go out one afternoon and the rest
are mailed the following day.  There are ~350 first class mailings and around
1500 third class mailings.  That's alot of labeling, stamping and stapeling.

  I myself would be interested in knowing what the other Regional Officer's
duties are.  My lord has been MOAS for Tempio for the past11 months and has
heard nothing from anyone at any level.  I guess it just depends on the
individual in the office.  I try to keep in touch with the chronicler's in
the South at least every other month, even if it is only a short postcard.
 Hope this has helped some.


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