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RE: Lyonness:

>Although I have to admit that they need to do a better job of keeping
>cars out of the encampment and I missed the period encampment this year.
>I truly enjoy being able to walk into/through a period encampment and
>oogle the things I can't wait to have.

The period encampment was the creation and work of a group of individuals,
primarily from Bryn Gwlad.  Some people criticized them for being "snooty."
For whatever reason, they did not choose to do it again.

>[ story of last Lyonesse ]
>I saw several fights where someone would "give" away their hits. I even
>believe I saw his Excellency Kein lightly tap his opponent twice before
>the match truly got underway.
>The way the fighting occurs at Lyonnesse really keeps the audience
>engroused in the activity. There is also a wonderful A&S display and
>partying well into the night. (I just love people getting drunk and
>talking about the differences between their workers owning land versus
>just working it.)
I, too enjoy Lyonnesse.  One of the most enjoyable events in recent history
was the Laurels' Prize tourney up in Steppes.  But a lot of that had to do
with the incredibly pleasant weather we had.


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