Mark Harris mark_harris at
Wed Jul 12 15:24:27 PDT 1995

Mundane Term      Jargon Term.           Other possible terms
-------           Troll, Troll booth     Gate, Front Gate, Entrance

Dining Attendant  Server                 Steward, Sewer, Carver,
What's wrong with "server"? To me, it certainly doesn't clash like
the fantasy terms. Carver and Cellarer describe much more specialized
positions. Sewer?? I thought that was a mis-spelling the first time I
saw it. Yes, I can see it now...Go over to the Sewer and see if they
have anymore of that bread pudding...

First Aid Attendent Chirurgeon           Barber

Again, a big clash with a modern term.

---------         Feast Gear             ?

What's wrong with "feastgear"? It doesn't clash in my mind.

Dinner            Feast                  ?

Again, no problem to me.

Clothing/Costume  Garb                   Clothing

I think "garb" is fine. It certainly beats "costume".

Normal            Mundane                Futuristic?

I see no problem with mundane. There is no period
equivalent. "Futuristic" is as cutsey as "farspeaker" and

As for the others, I would like to eliminate the fantasy
terms first and don't use them myself.

Stefan li Rous

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