Robert G. Ferrell rferrell at
Wed Jul 12 16:25:51 PDT 1995

>You wrote: 
>>>I agree with the general consensus that our events need to be more 
>>>but how do you go about it?
>>Well several people here on the list feel that way, but is that shared 
>>everyone in the sca? Generally the ppl on computer lists tend not to 
>be the
>>"partiers" for whom period is less important.
>Who says you can't party in period? Some of my best Persona play has 
>been under the influence of alcohol. Have you ever been to the Royal 
>Swan Tavern? Ever been to Pennsic? I have guzzled mead and shouted war 
>poetry at comrades in arms on the eve of battle. I have played chess 
>and spoken riddles with slurred speech, the ale making my chess moves 
>bolder and somewhat foolhardy. I have toasted my King in a feast hall 
>full of freinds. Face it, good gentles, alcohol is period. 
>Also. Who says that people on computer lists don't party? Has anybody 
>told Cynric? Or Mordraut? Or Keif? to name a few. If to be on this 
>mailing list means I can't party, I guess I'll need to cancel my 
>subscription. :)
>Kein MacEwan
>mka Keith Ewing
     Sometimes I get the feeling that, to some of the people on this mailing
list, this *is* a party.  So, where do you go to throw up, that's my question...


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