Event Ideals (fighting)

R. Michael Litchfield litch at eden.com
Wed Jul 12 17:50:21 PDT 1995

>Is your language really approprate, you can disagree with someone
>without resorting to crass language.  It only make you look
>under-educated, and underminds the good sections of your points.

I feel that any other words would not express the sentimentin the sme way.
If you have a problem you may want to contact you site support staff about
setting up a mail filter.

>I'm new to this list but not the society, and I know that this doesn't fit
>with the consept of civlary, or are you not in to that either?

It may not fit with your concept chivalry but It fits well enough with
mine, and as I have explained repeatedly, the discussion undertaken on this
list have no bearing upon my persona, and while the converse is not exactly
true it is a similar situation.


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