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Wed Jul 12 18:00:11 PDT 1995

><zarazena at (Vicki)>
>>After reading the posts concerning the ideal event, I would like to add my 
>>two bezants worth.
>>...Many of you listed "lots of music" ...
>I agree with your theme that if something is desired it must be encouraged,
>and moreover I agree that often musicians *are* in fact treated badly at
>events, as are storytellers.
>How would you prefer to be treated?  I'm not going to defend such behavior
>as treated musicians as "walking tape recorders", OTOH, it is my impression
>that often musicians were kept in the background, in order to provide what
>has been referred to by some as "stairwell music", or background atmosphere.
>Is there a better way to handle this?
All we're really asking for is some acknowledgement for our efforts.  A
reduction in the site fee, free food, or well-thought out word fame is what
I'm talking here.  In truth, I've never felt like a "walking tape recorder"
personally, but I know others have.  I have far too much fun playing for
folks (especially with good musicians) to care how I'm treated by the powers
that be. When you hear live music played well, though, remember that the
combined effort in terms of rehearsal and personal dedication often
encompasses many years.  If you add up the total musical experience of just
the core of the current music group in Bryn Gwlad, for example, you get at
least 75 "person-years" of training and performance.  That's a lotta skill,
folks, and a lotta time.  No one who plays does so for any other reason that
enjoyment, of course, so I'm not trying to suggest that we make personal
sacrifices to play at events, but a little word fame once in a while never
hurts.  After all, every artist has an ego.


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