Event Ideals (fighting)

Elizabeth Shahan ecs at infinity.ccsi.com
Wed Jul 12 21:25:10 PDT 1995


This last one was fun for me, it was also the first one I *participated* 
in rather thatn just spectated. My lord and I and two other couples 
adopted a group alternate persona for the event and did it -to the hilt-. 
We came as a middle eastern caravan, girls in veils, guy in turbans, felt 
like "Lauwrenc of Arabia" It was lots of fun, a great experience. Since 
the event is high persona but no one persona we fit right in and    No 
one recognised me at first and some not all day. Fun! and a nice break 
from the regular stuff. We even had an improptu Hafla (read:revel) in our 
GP medium that nite. You are allinvited to join us next time!


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