R. Michael Litchfield litch at
Thu Jul 13 12:33:41 PDT 1995

Good Morning,

  Here is more of the wonderful administrative stuff.

  It appears the problem with the mail gateway is fixed. It's been 24
  hours without a bounced message, so I'm gonna assume it is. This means
  that the list is now not moderated again. The only reason I'm doing it
  this quickly is I have mundane issues that will keep me from being
  able to keep sending things out as they come in.

  Btw, if the Litch flamefest gets too out of control, someone let me
  know directly. Everyone try to play politely please. (Too many p's in
  that sentence.) If you really must do it, do it in private so the list
  doesn't have to take part in it.


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