Return Receipts...

Pug pug at
Thu Jul 13 12:03:57 PDT 1995

Good Morning,

  Well some of you have already noticed that return receipts are being
  sent to the list from a couple sites. We've only had 3 today, but I'm
  gonna try to kill these quick.

  If you are on a system, particularly a MS-Mail or PC mail system of
  some sort, please make sure to turn off return receipt requests when
  sending mail to the list. As well, if you can, turn off the answering
  of return receipt requests. Since the list is designed to go back to
  the list, everyone on the list gets a copy of the acknowledgement.

  Just FYI, the one person I know of that has these turned on is
  STDCLB at TINY_TIM.SHSU.EDU (Lynnette). The mailer being used is WinPMail
  v1.0 (R2). As well, ROBERTSK at (Katherine Roberts) is
  generating the acknowledgements and is using Pegasus Mail/Windows

  I'm sorry to put the names on the lists, but I needed to inform them
  as well as everyone else who might be using similar mail programs.

  In the long run, I will see if I can get the mailing list software to
  remove the return receipt requests.

  Btw, I've always liked Pegasus mail as far as PC mail programs go.


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