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> You ask how would I prefer to be treated? I would repeat all that Cynric 
>said.  I, too, play many times simply to play...enjoying the chance to sit 
>down and make pretty sounds.  Yes, most of the time we are "background 
>music" and that is what we are supposed to do. But in performing that 
>"background music", are you aware of all the research and rehearsal that 
>goes into it?

I think I *might* have an inkling, yes

> If a person were to spend hours and hours researching and making beautiful 
>wall hangings to drape around a hall in order to give the feasthall a more 
>"period" look, do you think they should get *some* recognition?? Perhaps 
>some word fame??   

Should?  Perhaps.  Do?  Not in my experience.

>  One of the things I have learned, is that if the nobility pays attention 
>and acknowledges people for what they do, others will often follow suit.  
>This does not necessarily mean being given awards (although that's not a bad 

I agree that there should be some sort of acknowledgement for effort
expended, yes (although I don't think you *really* want to hear how I
feel about giving awards for what I think should otherwise be a nice
thing to do :) ).

>  I have had nobles that listened intently to a performance, would not 
>allow an interruption, and thanked the performer personally.  I have also 
>had nobles who didn't know, didn't care, and had no idea who was playing for 

Well, not all nobles are versed in music...

Heck, many of us more commoner sort can barely tell a treble clef from 
a whole note :)

>In our music guild in Bryn Gwlad, we tried many things.  One of which was 
>to give an afternoon "tea", giving a small concert at Ladies Tournament of 
>Chivalry- 2 yrs ago I think.  It was quite nice, and, though not very well 
>attended, those who were there seemed to appreciate the performance.

I assume that those who attended were actually interested in listening
and appreciating what you were doing?

> Do you people out there *like* live music at events? Or do you prefer to 
>dance, fight, and eat to the sound of recorded music coming from a tape 

Personally, I'd be interested in music for more than just feasts and
the intermittant dancing we get up here.  I prefer live music to taped,
but one uses what one can get.

>If you don't, perhaps you should find a way to encourage the 
>musicians from your area. Or become one yourself. (I suppose the alternative 
>is to not have any music at all.  I've been to events like that...YUCHHH!!)

Tell me about it.

I tend not to complain about the lack of music because I have enough irons
in the fire, AND am a big believer in putting one's money where one's
mouth is, and I have a life long inability to learn to play music :)

That *is* however, why I asked for what you would prefer for recognition
and encouragement.  

Actually, I can't think of many musicians from my particular region, and
of the one or two I interact with elsewhere, are more interested in not
sharing their talents at SCA stuff, I assume for similar reasons to the
ones you have suggested.

>I am currently working on some ideas for a Kingdom College of Music, that 
>will include the Kingdom Choir and a Kingdom Orchestra. I have talked to 
>some of the active musicians that I know about it, but would like any input 
>- musicians, singers, or listeners.

I wish you well with it.


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