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Pug pug at
Thu Jul 13 13:50:21 PDT 1995

> Nobody using it for anything else. (Sorry,Pug)

Unfortunately true.

This is a heads up for everyone.

I am going to be contacting the author of the news and newsgateway
software in order to resolve the bryn-gwlad <->
connection. After this, I will be putting together a formal RFD for This newsgroup would be gatewayed into the
mailing list and vice-versa. I hope this will encourage other groups to
do this as well.

Unfortunately I've been quite busy as of late with mundane work,
especially with end of fiscal year and budgetting. I will hopefully have
the time in the next couple of weeks free up to do this as well as
trying to get the Bryn Gwlad newsletter on the web. *sigh*


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