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Mark Harris mark_harris at
Thu Jul 13 14:47:27 PDT 1995

>>> I think "fencing" is a post-1600 term.
>>I think you are wrong, but I am not sure. Let's get the guy with  
>>the OED to look it up for us.

I'm sorry.  I missed this.  I've been (and am) under the weather, but
will look it up tomorrow, if you can wait.

But I believe it is 1581, as the Lady said.

I was the one who made the orginial coment. Please look it up, but
I am now convinced that technically fencing is a period term. I'm
still not convinced that it is the term we should use. 1581 is
almost out of period, so it was probably not a readily accepted
term. Secondus, if we use it simply because it was mentioned once,
then we are also saying that a lot of New World items should be
common fair at our feasts simply because they had been seen once
in Europe before December 31, 1599.

No, no, put down that strange, impossibly long, thin, pointy sword...


Stefan li Rous

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