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<Kein>I understand completely that some people find fighting boring. 
>Well it's only been boring after 13 years. I just want to see something 
>different once in a while! Everyone is so *locked* into "tradition", and 
>there are so many events on the calendar already, that alternate events 
>where a group might experiment with a different tourney format are rare 
>to nonexistent.
To be blunt, it's been my observation that people make the darndest
assumptions about events that don't follow the usual tourney format.
These seem to include assumptions like heavy weapons fighters aren't 
wanted or at least they are being specifically snubbed (Both things I've 
heard recently about our local event here in Northkeep).

*[Note: Small warning: Due to the garbage that keeps bubbling up
regarding our local event, it's getting to be a touchy subject with me.
However, I shall endeavor to keep my discussion of it appropriate for
this forum.]*

Northkeep has had an annual event (Castellan) for several years now that
uses a "different" tourney format in which the martial catagories are only a
*part* of the overall requirements to win the main title.  This was 
intended to encourage a more rounded competition that could be won by 
either a light fighter or a heavy (or in fact someone who only performed 
archery or some other martial disciple).  There are, of course, other prizes
awarded in the categories for those who have no interest in the main title.
[The rules are reputed to be a bit convoluted, but I'm told by people that
actually need to know that the scoring is fairly simple, it's only the 
crap they added in to keep from having ties that make it seem complicated.
Unforunately the people who designed the rules were under the impression
that there were too many "gamers/rule's Lawyers" to leave loopholes :) ]

The first year, we were informed by the crown that it wouldn't attend an
event where Heavy Weapons wouldn't determine the outcome.  And to the best
of my recollection this year *may* have been the first year we actually
had a crown show up.  I've been told recently by a fighter from a nearby 
Barony that they had received the impression that heavy weapons fighters 
weren't wanted.  This is simply not true.

But thanks to this sort of garbage attitude, we may have to revise the
entire event in order to *emphasize* the heavy weapons angle, and to
cater to specifically to those fighters who aren't interested in anything
other than strict "Sword and shield" combat.

Granted, the event may have other strikes against it (Notably people who
won't play with us because we don't care much for politicking, etc.), but
considering the turn-out for our mid-winter event, I believe it is the
attitude of the "heavies" toward non-standard events hasn't helped any.

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