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Sat Jul 15 11:19:14 PDT 1995

> Having lived in three different Kingdoms I have seen musicians treated
> in everything from completely ignored to avid attention and standing
> ovations. I'm afraid most people at an event consider the live troupe
> in the corner to be *Muzak*. Trying to do a *performance* in the feast
> hall is akin to standing on the street corner downtown - some will
> listen, some won't. However, the noise level goes on and on... 
> Perhaps a set up as a chamber group giving an actual concert. I don't
> recommend using the main hall for reasons listed as above, but anyone
> who interrupts the concert could be given the *eye*. While living in
> Drachenwald I attended a flute and piano recital. Everyone went into
> the chamber, they locked the door! This poor guy at the back of the
> room had to visit the privy. He stood up and room went silent. The
> music stopped and everyone stared at him until he slunk (sic) back to
> his chair. This may be a little extreme for SCA use, but the musicians
> and patrons were serious about *their* music.
>                                  Duncan
I've done the recital thing, and frankly I'd much rather be ignored than
scrutinized by people afraid to breathe.  I need to see people moving while
I play, or it starts to feel like a "Twilight Zone" episode. Who knows, *I*
might decide to stand up and go to the privy during the performance. 
     I'd just like to be able to hear the rest of the band, that's all.


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