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From: litch at eden.com (R. Michael Litchfield)
Subject: Re: Event Ideals
>Not really, the difficulty I find is that there is a huge range of
>disabilities, then there is also variations in people's attitudes towards
>thier disabilities.
>I think that in general though we should err on the side of inclusiveness,
No one has yet suggested otherwise.  At most, the suggestion has been merely, 
to use your terminology, that the more blatant forms of mundanity be made as
unobtrusive as possible. I fail to see how that implies that we err on the side
of exclusivenes. 

>We are not and have never been slavishly devoted to re-creation,
The SCA, as a "Society", has not, it is true..  Whether some of us 
are "Slavish" in our desires to improve a poor situation is, of course, 
up to debate.

>the minor inconvience of being forced to deal with the slight mundanity
>which allows someone else to play at all just doesn't break my heart.
I am amazed at the adeptness with which you infer the strangest things,
from what people have been saying.

>[Period speak]
>>>Is this actually soemthing we want to try to encourage?...
>>It was mentioned as an ideal.
>Well I am questioning whether or not this really should be something we
>should strive for, I find a 8th C turk speaking like an elizavethan MUCh
>more jarring than the trade language of modern english.
I believe that the person who made the suggestion felt that it might be
nice/interesting if said 8th Century Turk were able to converse with other
Turks in a language other than 20th C English, possibly even Turkish.

This is a perfect example, by the way, how you managed to infer speaking 
bad Elizabethan, as though this were some collection of comic book 
characters escapes me.  The idea was, and I repeat it, that we could
speak something other than 20th Century English at events.  This suggests
that 20th C *French* is an improvement. 

>>I personally think the idea of 500+ people at an event to be a bit
>>screwy, but since you mentioned it, I put it in.
>Why? I like events that size, it allows enough vairety than anyone can
>find what they are looking for without being utterly lost in a crowd of
I'm glad you like events that are large.  That was, in fact, evident when
you mentioned it as an ideal.  I don't.  Why I don't is irrelevant, 
particularly since I *really* doubt you are interested.

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