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Subject: Re: Event Ideals
>Not only that, but a goodly portion of folks can't tell when an
>non-American language *is* done well.  There was a young lad from
>Scotland at Pennsic some years ago (from Glasgow - his heavily
>accented English doesn't sound like the typical movie-style Highlander
>Scots accented English).  He was told to stop trying to sound like a
>Scot, 'cause he wasn't any good at it.
I'm not certain that the ill manners and ignorance of the Populace should
be considered sufficient reason for not trying to improve the atmosphere of
events.  If that *were* the case, then, why most of the peopel who *ever*
had such an interest, say, in authenticiy, would just pack up and find
other places to play... :)

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