Robert G. Ferrell rferrell at
Thu Jul 13 23:11:56 PDT 1995

>I remember that Kingdom dance in Middleford,
>It was wonderful, Giles flu in from Caid, and we had lots of classes for 
>various levels that ran all day long, but the air conditioning was really 
>great.  The ball that night was great for the dancing, but I don't 
>remember the buffet with any special fondness.  The music in the 
>lobby was greatly appreciated, not only because it was beautiful, but 
>because it provided a nice break betwwen classes.  I remember the 
>staff of the hotel commenting that they wished they could have it all 
>the time.  I also remember it generating a lot of interest from the other 
> guest at the hotel, I know I awnsered my share, and the feed back 
>was really positive.
Ya know what I remember about that event?  Olwen and Mari were convinced
that a puppet I bought for Ceridwyn (these are all Bjorngwlad people) was
possessed by evil spirits, and they tied it up, sealed it in a box, and put
it by the door.  And they left the lights on all night.  And Olwen stood up
on her bed and told everyone to get the heck out of her hotel room so she
could go to sleep.  Was there a ball?


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