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>Also, how is someone, who just got the first issue of the Blackstar this
>month, going to find Coronation.  The flyer tells you to see the June Flyer
>for Map and directions.  If you didn't get/keep the June issue, you will
>have to hunt information that should be in the flyer.  Also, the site
>information in the June issue was a loose sheet of paper, which is easy to
If this is your first issue of the BlackStar or you don't keep the silly
things for years on end like I do) and you are interested in Coronation or
any other mapless event, look in the back directory and call the Seneschal of
the hosting group for more info.  

I am sure that a good deputy would instantly jump up to defend their Kingdom
officer and friend, but I  agree that the loose sheet flyer was a nuisance
but please understand that Tempio received permission to host Coronation 1
day before the BlackStar had to go to press.  Their was a MAJOR
miscommunication between another group who had asked Tempio for our "help" in
Coronation and what the Crown actually wanted and as such the other group
just never put in a reply to ANYONE of ANY SORT and so Coronation just sort
of fell upon us to pull off alone.  This caused major fits of anxiety and on
many people's parts. I was out of town on vacation when my seneschal made
several calls to locate me to get input as to wheteher we should try it alone
or tell the Crown that they needed to find someone else to host Coronation.
(thus I am a co-"steward" for the event).  Needless to say if any other group
had received the go-ahead for the event on such short notice there probably
would have been no June announcement due to time constraints. 

Like so many of us in the SCA, Lord Theodric has his finger's in too many
pies at one time.  If things in the BlackStar are really bothering anyone
then there are a few things that can be done;
          1.)  Call or e-mail him a message with your concerns/suggestions.
 Though he                    tries to come off as a bad-arse sometimes he
really isn't.
          2.)  Keep your concerns/complaints to yourselves and nothing will
get changed.

Though this quote does not fit in the time-frame of the SCA, it should fit
into all of our hearts reguardless of the time and the cause...

     >Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that
                                                    Martin Luther King, Jr.

In service,
HL Moriel Arenvaldsdochter of Raven's Fort(Tempio)
Southern Regional Deputy Chronicler
>quarterly vert and erminois
   a maunch counter-changed<'s ugly but it's mine...

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