Event Ideals (fighting)

Pug pug at arlut.utexas.edu
Mon Jul 17 10:58:37 PDT 1995

> Howdy Michael! Tell you what...I'll fight single sword, left-handed 
> (of course I am left handed...) and on one leg *giggle*. You can use 
> sword n board, or whatever...I'll give you fifty (50) free shots at 
> me...if you can land a "clean" blow, wounding or killing, I'll buy 
> the booze for the evening...if you don't, I get two (2) shots at you, 
> if I land a "clean" shot you but...if neither of us does we both 
> buy... I fight for fun. Wanna have some?!?

Hell, I think I'd just like to see the two of them getting drunk
together. *grin*


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