Event Ideals (fighting)

eric brown caladin at io.com
Sun Jul 16 16:10:55 PDT 1995

>which is why fighters need to incorporate the arts into their game,
>have someone make you a nice fighting tunic (or yes do it yourself), paint
>your sheild,  atleast make an attempt to make period looking armor.

If you feel this way feel free to do something about it, Perhaps make one
size fits all Tabbards and give one away each even to the "best unblooded
fighter" or some such, the only way you can make these things happen is to
empower yourself and take action on an individual basis, any other way will
rile enough people to get you to distracted to actually achieve anything.

Personally I make my garage and my sewing room available to any new person
who needs the help, and I can't count how may pieces of "old" or "wasted
just sitting there" garb and armour I've given away, although always with
the same caveat, "If you quit playing, It comes back to me so I can give it
away again, Same thing hapens when you get something better, pass it on or
return it", I also work a comment on the 10 fold path into the conversation
and talk about how people(Hi Regina!, Hi Janais!) took me under their wings
when I started.

"Change the world one person at a time..."

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