Oath of Fealty

Nancy Bradford-Reid n.b-reid at mail.utexas.edu
Mon Jul 17 07:33:25 PDT 1995

>OOOH! Catherine, Get me a copy of the oath in French please. And I am
>interested in the latin name for it, too.
>Nifty, I do remember learning somewhere that much of Tolkien's stuff was
>nearly wholsale lifted from history and English folk tales. I guess the
>Americans just didn't recognise them and they *were* extremely well
>repackaged. He did create a magic with them.

I have already talked to Prof.Kaulbach this A.M. and he will give me copies
of latin, french, and ango-saxon, and any others he might have.  I will
publish my address when I get them and anyone who wants a copy can mail me
a SASE and a request for whichever language(s) they want.

Cahterine  (hmm, think I need my coffee)

(Cynric:  as a piece of trivia, he had heard about you from his wife,
seems you have a somewhat black sense of humor?  Nah, not our Cynric!)

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