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Sun Jul 16 15:23:01 PDT 1995

Earl Kein writes:

> There are many things wrong with the SCA award system. There are also 
> many things right. If you have problems with it, how about making 
> suggestions on how to fix it, instead of cussing it.

A number of people in the SCA, myself included (as if that might make
a difference), have been making those suggestions for a number of years.

> Remember that, 
> especially in this kingdom, if a person can convince a Crown that 
> something is wrong, the Crown can do something about it.

Well, yes and no.  There is a goodly number of things that the Crown
can do something about, but the award and title structures isn't one
of them.  Much of those elements of the SCA is enshrined in the
Corpora and By-Laws, which can only be changed by the Board of
Directors.  Who haven't seem very inclined to seriously consider
suggested changes, even when presented with solid evidence that the
suggest alternatives are more authentic.

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