Mon Jul 17 06:37:56 PDT 1995

At the lastest meeting of our clothiers guild (pradon to the people 
are opposed to the term), we were discussing this argument that you 
have been having, and a friend had a question about the use of the 
dictionary to justify the particular definition of a word, and I felt it was 
a very good one, so here it goes:  How can you use a dictionary to 
justify the a word, when there were no dictionaries in the time frame 
of the society? (the first being written by Samual Johnson, and before 
this there was no real consenus on the definition of word, their 
spelling, definition and use varied by district,  kingdom, and even by 
town)  Our point being that you may have a reference in writing for a 
period source, but how do you justify that as a common definition, 
applying it to all countries?

Just wondering,


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