Wasted time

C11Hartel at aol.com C11Hartel at aol.com
Fri Jul 14 15:37:24 PDT 1995

Apologies in advance to all whose time I waste...I've finally had enough!

 either grow-up and stop criticising everything everyone else does or learn
to take your own advice and privately e-mail people when they put things in
the wrong place.A litte more consideration on your part would be nice since
you are obviously "net literate and skilled".  I made the same mistake when I
first got online and HL Catherine was kind enough to privately mail me on the
proper way/place to send things.  For someone new to either the net or
Ansteorra you are the perfect stereotype of the *.* type of person that
causes so many newcomers to not give the Society and other people a second
chance.  I believe a recent thread on the net has been about the perfect
event...Let's add COURTESY to that list of things and try to include it in
our messages here.


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