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Thu Jul 20 19:59:32 PDT 1995

In a message dated 95-07-20 20:24:07 EDT, Litch writes:

>So who was the brainchild that decided that a Kingdom Officer would have
>the time to run Coronation? I would have thought anyone holding a kingdom
>level office wouldn't have nearly enough time to also run a major event
>like coronation.

FYI Litch, the populace members of the Shire of Tempio backed Ld. Theodric in
this venture, as well as myself.(I am co-autocrat, a local officer and a
Regional Officer.)  Just where does it say that Kingdom officers can only do
their specified jobs?  Some of us just happen to have friends who will
support us in almost anything unlike others...

BTW  all the Black Stars for August were labeled AND mailed today along with
all the prep. for Coronation.  Happy?!?

Moriel***(who like so many others can't pass up a good challenge)

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