A question on War

Mordraut Freyulf mordraut at moritu.com
Mon Jul 17 14:05:37 PDT 1995

>Diarmuit asks:

>This is sort of a simple question, and I suppose ties into to the
>whole Ideal Event/Fighting thing, but why do we keep getting involved
>in so many wars?  I can understand a big annual thing, or even 
>a couple of big annual things, but how many wars is Ansteorra
>currently involved in right now?

     Because they are fun?  I enjoy fighting in war far more than I do in
tournament, as most people who know me can tell you.

     As for how many wars is Ansteorra involved in, my first response is
"not enough!"  I believe that Ansteorra is only involved in one war, as a
Kingdom.  That would be Gulf War.  Yes, Ansteorra fights as a unit at
Pennsic, but they are not one of the main units (I know I'll get comments on
that:-)  Also, there are smaller *war* events, but Ansteorra is not fighting
another Kingdom in them.

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