A question on War

I. Marc Carlson IMC at vax2.utulsa.edu
Mon Jul 17 14:58:46 PDT 1995

<mordraut at moritu.com (Mordraut Freyulf)>
>     Because they are fun?  I enjoy fighting in war far more than I do in
>tournament, as most people who know me can tell you.

Ok, so they're fun for you.  I can accept this with no problem.  It may
just be that as a Scholar I have little use for wars, other than as a topic
for later study.

I suppose what concerns me is that I can't afford to go to ONE
war, let alone any of the others.

Let's see.

We are involved in the Gulf Wars. We've got contingents that go to Pennsic, 
Estrella, and Lillies.  Now rumor (probably baseless, but it's what brought 
the question to mind) has it that we are now looking to go to war with the
Outlands, Calontir, and/or Meridies.

Am I the only one who thinks that this is a bit extreme?

In any case, what good are they?  Ok, now from the non-heavy weapons
fighters :)


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