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Pug pug at
Tue Jul 18 05:59:39 PDT 1995

> >Everyone please go easy on Pug!  He is my Chronicler, and he's doing a great
> >job.  
> Well said Master Cynric!  As Southern Regional Deputy Chronicler I have been
> very happy with his performance and his ability to juggle way too many things
> at once.

*laugh* Guess you've never seen me at work at my mundane job. *grin*
This is nothing compared to being a System Administrator. (That or being
a System Administrator is good training for this, and most other things
where you have to fight fires under gunfire all day.)

> I was not sure if he could carry off where Madeleine left off, but
> the transsition was almost unnoticable!

I'm glad it was for everyone else! *smile*

> Many kudos should be heaped upon him at Bryn Gwlad's next Baronial meeting. 

Please no!

> BTW,  Pug was the only brave soul to apply for the office...nuff said...

Brave? Stupid? Not much difference. *big grin*

Btw, I started this discussion to see where people wanted this to go,
not to get compliments. I appreciate every last one of them, but I can't
possibly be doing that great of a job that something can't be improved.
(Beyond mail <-> news and fixing the RCPT problem.)


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