A question on War

Deborah Sweet dssweet at okway.okstate.edu
Tue Jul 18 12:42:47 PDT 1995

>> We are involved in the Gulf Wars. We've got contingents that go to
>> Pennsic, Estrella, and Lillies.  Now rumor (probably baseless, but
>> it's what brought the question to mind) has it that we are now
>> looking to go to war with the Outlands, Calontir, and/or Meridies.
>> Am I the only one who thinks that this is a bit extreme?

Another point, just *when* on the kingdom calendar are these possible 
wars going to happen? What group is going to give up one of *their* 
events so that the Kingdom can have a war? I can see this happening, 
because even if you don't *have* to give up the event, anyone holding an 
event, unless it's at the total opposite end of the kingdom, would have 
lots of indirect pressure to *not* hold it (ie, small attendance, not 
many fighters for any lists, not helping the war effort, etc.).

>There was the first Outlands War when the shire made an effort to get 
>as many people there as possible in Mooneschadowe tabards... lots and 
>lots of compliments all weekend on how good we looked... 

The only good thing of the entire weekend. Otherwise my memories of this 
event (as a non-fighter) are utterly non-memorable (except for circling 
the gas pumps when we got to Clovis. That was funny.) Yes, I remember 
some merchants. But nothing to get excited over. Either there weren't 
any classes, or I don't remember that there were. Otherwise it was a 
case of wander from one end of the site (camp) to the other end where 
the fighting & merchants were. Look at the strange Outlandish way of 
encircling their tents with walls. Pick the stickers out of clothing. 
The belly dancers in the evening. Of course court is running late. We 
have to leave by when to get back home at a reasonable hour?

For the amount of time to get there & back and the money for gas, I 
don't feel it was time or money well spent. This probably explains why 
I've never felt a desire to go to another war. 

>I really hope you can make it to one, sometime, so you can see (and 
>judge) their merits for yourself.

I have, and was not impressed. IMHO, wars are not geared toward 
non-fighters, especially those who aren't connected with any fighter or 
fighting activity in *any* way except by being in the SCA.


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