A couple more questions on war

Keith Ewing keandbc at ix.netcom.com
Tue Jul 18 16:28:38 PDT 1995

War has lately been much on my mind. I would like to ask a few 
questions of people on this forum. 

1) (To fighters) Is war preparation (drilling, practicing, marching) 
something that you enjoy doing? Or a necessary evil so that you can do 
well on the battle field? Or a total waste of time?

2) (To fighters) When you think about wars, do you imagine yourself 
doing well, or your local group doing well, or your kingdom, or some 

3) (To non-fighters) Are you happy for fighters when they do well? To 
restate: Are there nonfighters who watch battles like many people watch 
sporting events, rooting for the home team?

4) (To non-fighters) What could fighters do to make things more 
interesting for you in a war? 

5) (To all) Describe some of your favorite moments at a war.

6) (To all) Describe some of your least favorite moments at a war. (Be 

That's all for now.

Kein MacEwan

mka Keith Ewing

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