A couple more questions on war

Madog Barfog Goch og at eden.com
Tue Jul 18 20:47:39 PDT 1995

Kein asked : 
> 1) (To fighters) Is war preparation (drilling, practicing, marching) 
> something that you enjoy doing? Or a necessary evil so that you can do 
> well on the battle field? Or a total waste of time?
Being a lazy sod I find the practice a necessary evil, of course, maybe if I did more of it
the practice would be less grueling.

> 2) (To fighters) When you think about wars, do you imagine yourself 
> doing well, or your local group doing well, or your kingdom, or some 
> combination?
So far I have thought more about the kingdom and the barony doing well, heck I have trouble 
imagining myself surviving all the battles.
> 5) (To all) Describe some of your favorite moments at a war.
The friendship battle in this year's Gulf War when I found myself alone and had to scream out
Ansteorra and listen for "Trimaris" to find allies.  It made everything seem more 'real', somehow
less like mere playacting.
Also, forming a shield wall with people I've never fought with and actually keeping the wall 
together was gratifying - felt like I'd actually learned something from the drilling etc.


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