Black Star (Pet Peeve)

Nancy Bradford-Reid n.b-reid at
Fri Jul 21 09:39:33 PDT 1995

>> People here are so damn afraid of allowing any public dissentsion to be
>> expressed, they want everyone to wander around with a glazed stepford wives
>> smile chanting "Everything is wonderful." Any possible hint of conflict or
>> disagreement or (Heavens Forbid!) disparagement must be swept under the rug
>> in an instent lest someone tweak to the fact that eveything is not
>> wonderful in happy valley.

It has nothing to do with public dissention.  Expressing discontent about
rules, regulations, traditions, is one thing. A bunch of people whom an
individual has never even met jumping on his/her case about the way s/he
does a *volunteer* job is another thing.  Excluding yourself, Michael,
because you invite it, I am not in favor of personal attacks of any kind
over the "net" unless it's between two individuals and not in a public
forum.  Further, don't assume that the rest of us haven't gotten out on the
"real world net" just because we ask for a little consideration and
chivalry here on this list.  Just because they tear people apart "out
there" doesn't mean it's acceptable anywhere.

Further, unlike you, I still play with this Kingdom, and so do others who
respond on this list.  You, as far as I have seen, never show your face.
Those of us whoactively play this game interact with each other and rely on
each other to get things done.  How far would those relationships go if we
continually p***ed each other off on the "net."  If I have a problem with
an individual, I would much rather take it up with him/her face to face or,
at the very least, in a private communique.


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