Regional Officers

Patricia Horton horton at
Fri Jul 21 09:37:31 PDT 1995

>Our Barony has wondered what the Regional Officers really do. Besides
>myself and the Herald (who has her Regional Officer for a Baroness), I
>don't think anyone has talked or heard from their Regional Officer since
>taking over in some cases. (This is from what I've heard people talk
>about and may be overstated.) As for me, I'm still fuzzy. I know that
>you appointed me, and I send my reports to you, but that's all I know.
>Do they just funnel the information to the Kingdom Officers? (There is
>probably some way better to ask, but this will get feedback from
>officers in several regions probably.)

Regional Officers are simply administrators. Their primary function is to
1) Appoint and remove Local officers
2) Funnel reports to Kingdom
3) Be the first point of contact for questions and problems

Basically, the Great Officers of State can not handle their own responsibilities
to Crown and Corporate and micro-manage close to 50 groups. I can tell you
that trying to get an EOR done by begging for reports, calling those that don't
send one in, sifting through 50+ pieces of paper while trying to get a pop
count done is next to impossible. You have to go to EOR's sent in, newsletters,
monthlys....  you get the picture. Regionals make this whole thing much more
manageable. It is not just my office. Imagine trying to sift through close
to 50 financial reports as Kingdom Treasurer, and still have a life? So,
actually your description of a regional is pretty darn close.

The real work is done at the local level. No great officer would argue that.
If all is going well with your group, reporting is being done, everyone is
basically happy, you should never have to interface with your regional, expect
for sending reports, that is the ideal. Also, by having regionals, we have a
training ground for Kingdom Level offices. The differences in what a local does
and what I do are pretty distinct, I ran through it at the Seneschal's class
last weekend at Kingdom Warlord. Ask any regional, it is not all paperwork. All
of the Regional Seneschals have had to get involved in some "spat" somewhere
in the Kingdom. I simply can't be everywhere at once, neither can any of the
Kingdom Officers. The regionals are our eyes are ears and voice when needed.
Only if things can't be handled at the regional/local level after some amount
of effort does the Kingdom Officer become involved, and it usually is not 
pretty if we have to because it typically means things are getting out of

Hope this helps.


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