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Tue Jul 18 21:35:02 PDT 1995

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>I too, have a problem with the way the Blackstar is being done.  Not >only
are the event announcement all screwed up

Yes the events have not always been in the perfect order but the August issue
is the closest yet.  I know you haven't seen it but give it time.  There will
still be some out of order and there will always be because of the layout of
a 2 page announcemen.

> but their Majesties letters to the populace have also been left out.  >They
faxed one letter from the BOD meeting in An Tir and I >personally called the
Chronicler to say it might be late, but it was >being faxed to him.  It was
indeed faxed, but still left out.

Yes, I did receive a call about the fax from An Tir.  And yes I did indeed
receive said fax.  However your statement about it not being in the June
issue is false.  Pages 22-23 did infact have a reprinted letter from their
Majesties.  The reason it was on those pages is because it came in on the
afternoon of the same day that I had already taken it to the printer that
morning.  No time to rework the issue.  I could not leave a page blank and
wait to find out that it was longer.

>Their last letter was sent in on time and was even the LAST letter of >their
reign, but it wasn't in the Blackstar.  
>In Service, Rhiain

The July issue of the Black star had been at the printers for approx. 30
hours before I received the July issue fax.  You state that it was sent on
time, however the faxed copy has a print out date of 9 July 1995, and in the
mid PM time.  The Black Star needs to be in the printers shop the morning of
the 8th to try to insure that it will be in the mail on the 20th.

I am sorry if the above facts are annoying to anyone but I have tried to be
as fair as possible on the items being late.  I suppose this has to stop
somewhere so, there will be a page in the Sept. issue that will have the
dates, sizes etc. of event announcements and reports.  There will be a cut
off time (always has) and late fees for anything being late.

Sorry for the tirade but what was said needed to be corrected.

I still stand in humble servitude to the Dream


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