Black Star (Pet Peeve)

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Wed Jul 19 06:29:46 PDT 1995

Catherine suggests >

>M-lords and ladies, I have a gentle suggestion:  if you have a problem with
>the Black Star, please send the message directly to Theodric (his e-mail is
>in the regnum) and give him a chance to correct the problem.  I don't think
>it's quite fair to him to lambaste him here on the net in front of
>everyone.  Put yourself in his crakowes for a moment and imagine how it
>would feel.
        My original post was a check to see how many people felt the same
way about the Blackstar.  I have been known, in the past for going off on a
tangent, when I had thought that I had support, and then found out that I
was all alone:-(  Since we have a good cross section of Ansteorra on-line,
this is a good place to ask questions like that (IMHO).  I also send a copy
to Theodric, as a courtsey.  He has since responded both in private to my
concerns, and to the list.  


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