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Wed Jul 19 05:07:25 PDT 1995

Pug writes:

> I just got my renewal as well. Any ideas why we can only do a 1 year
> membership now?

I believe that this is a left-over Provine change.  The "emergency
budget" (or non-emergency fantasy budget, actually) from January
1994 was based partly on all new and renewed memberships from that
point on being based on the increased rates.  However, it was several
months before the new rates went into effect, and in the meantime,
_LOTS_ of folks began renewing for 2 years at the _old_ rates,
effectively busting the budget, not only for 1994, but 1995 as well.
The revised membership forms had the new rates and only one year
terms, in a belated attempt at prevent future such attempts.

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