R. Michael Litchfield litch at
Thu Jul 20 17:21:25 PDT 1995

>I have taken
>this input and have asked Theodric to take some time at Coronation (out of
>his busy Autocrat schedule) to see if there is anything we can do to cover
>the most common issues. We also want to see if the job of Chronicler can be
>altered, expanded, something to make life easier for the Kingdom Chronicler.

So who was the brainchild that decided that a Kingdom Officer would have
the time to run Coronation? I would have thought anyone holding a kingdom
level office wouldn't have nearly enough time to also run a major event
like coronation.

>I still have my list of issues I collected from our past Kingdom Chronicler,
>basically things she would like to see happen to make the job easier on the
>poor VOLUNTEER doing the job. Personally, you could not get me to volunteer
>to be Kingdom Chronicler, and that is being said by the Kingdom Seneschal
>who has a job you could not pay most to take. If you have problems get them
>to Theodric or me (and please be constructive) and we will talk about it
>this weekend with their Highnesses (ok, so this is a bit short on notice,

Dunno What the current current number of readers is for the blackstar but i
am fairly sure that I have subscribed to magazines that had fewer readers
and most of them had an editorial STAFF with fairly clearly defined roles.



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