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Fri Jul 21 12:48:00 PDT 1995

>Our Barony has wondered what the Regional Officers really do. Besides
>myself and the Herald (who has her Regional Officer for a Baroness), I
>don't think anyone has talked or heard from their Regional Officer since
>taking over in some cases. (This is from what I've heard people talk
>about and may be overstated.) As for me, I'm still fuzzy. I know that
>you appointed me, and I send my reports to you, but that's all I know.
>Do they just funnel the information to the Kingdom Officers? (There is
>probably some way better to ask, but this will get feedback from
>officers in several regions probably.)

Well, Pug; speaking as a Regional officer; let me throw in my .02 worth. 
        You wonder what we do, and are fuzzy on the matter. Let me clue you
in; so are WE! This is a relatively new system we are working with here.
It's getting better (largely in the last six months or so) but for quite
awhile, there was a lot of "Umm..... Just send the Kingdom a report; okay?",
or "Just keep your region running."  We are, in time, smoothing out the
proper chains of command, and the duties required at all levels. 
        In response to the actual question: Regionals are the next in the
chain-of-command (sorry, military term; occupational hazard) for the local
officers. They hire & fire, accept and collate local reports, and report
that collated info to Kingdom. They also are the fist echelon of problem
solving when a group needs help; the idea being that a person residing in
the Region will know the people and personalities involved better than the
Kingdom officer (who might be 600 miles away.) 
        To answer why there *are* regional officers; look at Ansteorra.
There are over fifty (yes, FIFTY) groups in this Kingdom. Do you think Maire
(or Kief, or Theodric or Barn etc.) wants to collate 50 reports a month?
We're volunteers! I want a life BESIDES Kingdom Paperwork. And if we assume
(Maire, correct me on this if I'm wrong) that 10% of those groups are having
some sort of "crisis" at any given time; well, the best fireman in the world
can't put out five fires at once! Spread the wealth! This gives me about one
emergency to deal with at a time; and a better chance to personal attention
to all my local officers. (Something which many of us, myself included,
really weren't doing. It's getting better, honest.)
        So, There are the answers. That's what we are SUPPOSED to be doing.
If you don't think we're doing it; then BITCH at us! If that doesn't work,
bitch to our BOSS(es)! (Oooh, am I gonna have some peeved Regionals sending
ME E-Mail!) (....and maybe a few of my locals....ulp!)

                  In Service, I remain
                  Alden Pharamond
                  Mendersham, Ansteorra

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