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Fri Jul 21 07:21:58 PDT 1995

>Dunno What the current current number of readers is for the blackstar but i
>am fairly sure that I have subscribed to magazines that had fewer readers
>and most of them had an editorial STAFF with fairly clearly defined roles.

Yes, and those were paid positions.  Remember, Michael, we are a volunteer
organization, and if anyone has too many complaints, let's see their name
up for consideration for an office.  Occasionally we get a really superb
officer (for instance Madeleine as Chronicler here in Bryn Gwlad, or
Claryce as Kingdom Chronicler) whose acts are very difficult to follow;
their work becomes a benchmark for all who succeed them.  Every time a
person occupies an office, it is a learning experience for them.  Give
Theodric time and I am sure he will do better (than it is perceived he
needs to do now).

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