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On 21 Jul 95 at 7:21, Pug wrote:

> Our Barony has wondered what the Regional Officers really do. Besides
> myself and the Herald (who has her Regional Officer for a Baroness), I
> don't think anyone has talked or heard from their Regional Officer since
> taking over in some cases.

This seems to be a common problem.  I have seen a letter from a newly
appointed regional officer threatening to replace 60% of her local
officers for not reporting.  Yet this is about the only 'report' the
local officers got from this individual.

It is difficult to diligently send reports off into a black hole 
every month.  Some Kingdom offices are very good about maintaining 
communications with their local officers, others only seem to get in 
touch when they want to chew you out for not maintaining 
communications (reports).  Why not require the *regional* officer 
to report to the *local* officers every month?  Even something as 
simple as a xeroxed gentle reminder to file your reports would be 

-- Aeddan of Mooneschadowe

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