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Fri Jul 21 12:34:26 PDT 1995

On 21 Jul 95 at 9:23, Elizabeth Shahan wrote:

> It would be wonderful if all regional officers made it part of their 
> duties to contact new officers under them ASAP. A little post card 
> acknowleding their appointment would suffice.

I agree.  Especially if the officer has fiscal authority.

> Then if they would make it a point to contact all their local
> officers in person or by phone/mail at least once a reign, it
> would greatly improve communications.

Copies of the end of reign report would be nice. 

> Once a month contact from regionals would be nice, but if there is
> nothing to say, that is a lot of wasted time and stamps.

That could be as easily be said for local officers.  For many of the
offices, the purpose of the monthly report is to basically say "I'm
still here and doing my job", although that report might be a total
fabrication.  Some offices have severe reporting requirements.  As
treasurer, I was required to file more that 100 pages of reports a
year (*not* counting copies!)

It is hard to sustain such an output without some feedback. 
Something as simple as postcard that said "I (did/did not) receive
your report last month." would do much to prevent the feeling that 
your reports were disappearing into a black hole.

-- Aeddan of Mooneschadowe

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