A couple more questions on war

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Sat Jul 22 21:20:42 PDT 1995

>>What could make it more interesting? Greater use of common heraldry. I
>>think I'd like to see units and kingdoms use more banners and\or tabbards
>>and\or scarves and\or sheilds colored alike so that they could be
>>distinguished. Something that works like a uniform but still allows the
>>fighters to display their personal heraldry, too. Also, what are they
>>fighting about, what happens if they lose?
>>Just some naive thoughts,
>Not naive at all, wish I'd thought of it, bravo.  When the units march in
>at Pennsic, it's fun to see who all is there by their banners and such.  It
>would definitely be nice to see that closer to home.
Ffynnon Gath had the excellent Idea of "Localizing" their kingdom tebbards
for the last outlands war, I'm sure many of you have seen them, they hav a
blue and a white panel atteched to the bottom of each side of the tabbard,
Phelan and I both wear them, I have head discussed baronial, personal or
both hearaldry's being used this way, and certainly hope it catches on, but
it's been years an noone else has picked it up. White with balck halberd's
anybody...(a knock off of bryn gwlads heraldry) I've always though adding
heraldic shoulder flap would work as well.

the way we got them to look good together was that people made them and sold
the to the fighters for something like $9, after getting commitments for
enough to cover costs up front... it worked to.

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