Nancy Bradford-Reid n.b-reid at
Mon Jul 24 11:37:01 PDT 1995

>> There were *lots* of awards (with a bunch (19?) of Knights holding the
>> sword of state during the first court; I only saw about a half a dozen
>> during the coronation court) including a Laurel for Ariela (sp),
>> something for Moriel (if I remember correctly), and the new Baron and
>> Baroness of Stargate being announced. (Michael Silverhand and ???)
>> Probably lots more happened, but my memory ain't what it used to be.
>> (And get worse every day apparently.)
>Well, can *anyone* tell us poor-unfortunates-who-live-in-the-far-north
>more? :)
>Especially, 1) Was a Lion given out? To who? (Hopefully a lady).

        Not a lady, but a good choice, none the less:  Sir Pendaran Glamorgan

>            2) Any other peers created? Who?

        Not to my knowledge, but then we left at the beginning of the last

>            3) Anything else affecting the entire kingdom? What?

        Again, not that I can recall, but someone else might remember more.

>Otherwise, just a general report of absolutely everything that happened
>will suffice.  :)

        Other than Iolo grabbing my ankles as I tried to extricate myself from
        the proceedings of Ariela's ceremony, I don't remember much other
        being really hot and tired--standing for hours in a corset and
        farthingale with some 20 pounds of dress on is not conducive to good

        There was lovely live music, mostly provided by Bryn Gwlad--there were
        a few others, but don't know who they were.



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