Drums (was War questions)

Kevin Varner kmv at abm.austin.tx.us
Mon Jul 24 10:12:11 PDT 1995

 Diarmuit, I agree with what you say. I have know Master Cynric since the late
 80's and this is first time I've heard of what his Laurel is for (our relat-
 ionship is not close) ;). I have seen a rather broad spectrum of his talents
 displayed here in Bryn Gwlad as well as elsewhere.

 To all others - the question we are pondering is not whether they used drums,
 but *how* they used them! Further, we want to know where this is documented.
 This is so we can read it and become masterful and scholarly like Cynric ;).
 I once had a professor tell me - "No bibliography - No grade!". Unfortunately
 he was serious.  I don't doubt anyones credentials, but I want their sources.
 (kmv at abm.austin.tx.us)

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