Lions Was Re: Coronation..

Deborah Sweet dssweet at
Mon Jul 24 13:07:55 PDT 1995

>Not a lady, but a good choice, none the less:  Sir Pendaran Glamorgan

Yes, Sir Pendaran Glamorgan is probably a good choice for a Lion. 

It's just that, sigh, counting Sir Pendaran now, Ansteorra has a total 
of 6 (that's right, just six) out of 30 Lions' that are ladies. Somehow 
I don't think a measly 1/5th representation in the Lions is an accurate 
rendering of the women of Ansteorra. Surely there are more than 6 ladies 
who represent everything that a Lion is, IMHO. (I'm not saying anything 
against any of the Lions. However, the crowns who did the choosing....) 
Maybe we need affirmative action in order to support the ladies of 
Ansteorra? Or at least more *notice* taken of the ladies who *are* or 
*may* *soon* be Lion material? 

(Now I'm not asking that an extremely worthy lord be passed over, but if 
the next several crowns could start to work on correcting the imbalance. 
It would just take ten years)  :)


Well, that's another peeve aired out. :)

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