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Wed Mar 1 15:47:30 PST 1995

	 Having watched the "discussion" for the last few days, I have
	 decided to add my own observations to the soup (coloured by my
	 experiences, derived from many years in a chair near "the fan").

	 The Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) is precisely what it
	 says, a society.  As such it has no fixed boundaries.	It exist
	 wherever two members meet to discuss common concerns and
	 interests.  If it can exist in a library meeting room, a coffee
	 shop, or a cow pasture, this forum is unavoidably encompassed as
	 This "space" is an extension of the SCA, by it's name, and its

	 Here, members of the SCA (and interested parties), "meet" to
	 discuss the SCA's affairs, trade ideas and information, and
	 generally commune with others of similar interest.
	 If there is anyone who receives this echo who does not want to be
	 troubled by a continuation of these discussions (and their
	 fallout) at physical events, he should consider eschewing one or
	 the other.  Most of the discussion so continued will be related to
	 more pleasant aspects of these discussions, but alas, that is not
	 certain.  Reality seldom shows much concern for our perception of
	 how things should progress.  Wether we like it or not.

	 Galen, who has stood a watch at the helm of Ansteorra (the Crown
	 directs, the officers steer), has to my amazement refrained from
	 relating his personal and official interactions with persons who
	 have sent venomous missives by several media.	Once the letter is
	 in the post, or the <send> keyed, the matter of the
	 confidentiality is in the hands of the recipient.  A letter is not
	 an article.  The recipient may not offer it for sale, but may
	 distribute it as he will.  Alas, many a former member of the SCA
	 forgot the simple and inexorable fact that once spoken/sent, your
	 words cannot be recalled.  Privacy is no defense against
	 prosecution for threatening or obscene mail or phone calls.  The
	 net still exists in a grey area, but I suspect it will not remain
	 there for long.

	 Today, at least, anyone in the SCA who sends abusive postings to
	 anyone else in the SCA will have to deal with the consequences.
	 Not on the net, but somewhere, perhaps it will be in a court (we
	 would like to believe that an outraged husband whose wife has been
	 the target of an obscene diatribe will remain more civilized that
	 the perpetrator of the offense).  It will not matter to those who
	 must deal with the matter wether the offensive "letter" came with
	 a stamp, or over a wire.
	 I would prefer that the resolution of these matters was not sought
	 here, that is not why I am here, nor I hope, do the rest of those
	 who read these words wish to be part of any puerile contest of

	 For over twenty years, I have sought my dream in the SCA.  Those
	 who have the same goal may sometimes need to be reminded (as often
	 do I), that we have built this place from the stuff of the dreams
	 of the modern world.  It is often poor stock, but I'd not trade it
	 all for one of the wonders that I have found here.

	 "Dip into the pool of chaos, and fashion therefrom a Wonder,
	  contentment will come from no other."

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