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Wed Mar 1 19:31:22 PST 1995

Dia duit, a Phelim!

I know this is going to sound flip, but it's not intended to be <g>.

Make 'em boxes.

Seriously, there's been very little change in a plain wooden chest for
millenia.  Other than going from leather hinges to metal and from wooden pegs
to metal nails, they're still pretty much the same.

Your real concerns will be practical ones:  how big do they need to be to hold
their intended contents; how small do they have to be to still be liftable
when loaded; are they tall enough for comfortable seating; are they wide
enough for stable seating; can you carry them fully loaded without crushing
your fingers between the handles and the box sides.

Now, if you want to style them after boxes from a particular time and place,
then details like hinges and nails will become more important.

Feicfidh me' ari's thu',

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